Thematic trails

Labouiche underground river

At 27km

Located 6 km from Foix, it’s the longest navigable underground river in Europe with a course of 1500 m and has a great diversity of landscapes and geological curiosities. It’s an ideal activity to share with the family, because the visit is suitable for both adults and young people.

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Tree climbing at 21 km

(near Carla Bayle) offers an adventure trail in the middle of a forest of giant redwoods, from 2 years old children.

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Parc Xploria, the Forest to explore time

At 20km

Near Mas d’Azil: a nature trail designed for adventure has been created over 2 km and allows you to learn more about  history of fauna and flora, in both fun and scientific way.

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Ornithological Park: The Domaine des Oiseaux

At 26km

a 100 hectare reserve which constitutes a migratory stopover and a privileged breeding ground for ornithological fauna. There is also an educational farm and a restaurant. Fishing is also possible there.

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Some suggestions for walks and hikes

They are countless… Here is a small selection among our favorites :

Hikes offering incredible views of the Pyrenees: