The forest, biodiversity hotspot

Our campsite is located in a place that has always been a wood where there are many tree essences (Downy oak, Ash, Cherry, Hornbeam, Chestnut, Robin, Red cedar …).

The trees being very numerous, they naturally provide a shelter for many species of birds, insects of all kinds, whose songs delights our ears and connect us to life every day. In the fall season, it’s the owls who makes their conversations heard at night. 

Some birdhouses are already here, and we have plans to build more, especially for chickadees which plays a great role in the regulation of insects, as well as bats (which now have a bad reputation, and yet …).

Some parts of the wood, on the western edge, are not accessible because we leave them in the “wilderness area” and do not intervene. It’s the exclusive domain of wild animals. Permaculture indeed recommends always leaving a “wilderness area” in our gardens, no matter how small it is.

It is also important to note that the campsite is surrounded by fields cultivated by farmers who run organical production (with certification), and therefore has agricultural methods that is respectful towards  the Nature and our health.

Decrease our ecological footprint

It’s simply a huge task !. Here is the list of our practices that runs in that direction, and we will increase it year after year.


One of our commitments is to reduce our energy consumption and use renewable resources. This is why we have chosen Enercoop as the electricity supplier: Enercoop guarantees a 100% supply of renewable energies (photovoltaic, hydro, wind, biomass) and citizen involvement at local level, since it is a cooperative.

Towards Zero Waste

We have adopted the principle that “the best waste is no waste” since in nature, there is no waste, all organic and mineral matter being recycled and reused. But the industrial civilization that we have created multiplies the waste and packaging made of synthetic and artificial materials and we are condemned to accumulate it because Nature cannot recycles

Thus, moving towards Zero Waste, we take these actions in our everyday life :

  1. All our food scraps, damaged peels and vegetables, feed the chicken, or is put into the compost box, which, in turn, will provide organic matter for our vegetable garden.
    A compost box is available on the campsite for your food scraps
  2. We reuse as much as we can containers and packaging.
  3. We don’t use any chemical or phytosanitary product (except in case of emergency) et use only organic (or with ecolabel) cleaning products.
  4. For packaging and objects that are no longer worfs, and / or not recyclable, we practice selective sorting of waste. For this purpose, you will find several differentiated containers.
  5. We make our customers aware of the practices and explain the usefulness of our approach.


Thanks to aerators on the taps, water can be saved, and we collect rainwater (1000 liter tanks) for watering vegetables if it’s necessary.

Expand ecotourism and local food supply

Because reducing travel is the starting point for greener tourism, we give you as much information as possible about the nearest places to discover. We are committed to making you discover the Ariège Pyrenees, a region in which abound the authentic places where nature is preserved.

We also introduce you to local producers. Within 5 km around, you will find everything you need to buy organic products from producers: vegetables, bread, cheeses (goat, cow), meat (chicken, lamb, pork, beef).

We ourselves have started an organic vegetable garden at the campsite, which should supply the campsite restaurant by next year.

« People Care »

This is another of the main principles of permaculture that we apply in working for the well being of our guests. Sharing and exchanges are the values that drive us every day.

By visiting us, you will have the guarantee that we do everything to allow you to make the most of your stay and we will do our best to make your stay easy in a relaxing way. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with Nature and at the same time with yourself, taking time to breathe, observe and listen in a different way.